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The Institute of Zoonosis Holds the New Semester Work Arrangement Meeting

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At the beginning of the semester, the Institute of Zoonosis held the new semester work arrangement meeting on March 5. The leaders, director of the office and staff of the office attended the meeting, which was presided over by Ma Chunfeng, deputy secretary of CPC and deputy director of administration.

On the meeting, Director Liu Mingyuan made arrangements for the work of the new semester and emphasized the following five major tasks for this year: first, start the National Key Laboratory application; second, do a good job in the construction and application of the "OIE" Reference Laboratory; third, the application and establishment of the academic committee of the institute; fourth, prepare in advance for the next phase of the evaluation and acceptance of the key laboratory by the Ministry of Education; fifth, coordinate to solve the remaining space issue. Secretary Liu Zengshan emphasized doing well the key tasks and scientific research and teaching work for this year and asked the whole institute to gather strength and earnestly implement it.

Ma Chunfeng, deputy secretary of CPC and deputy director of administration summarized the work done over the winter vacation , made arrangements and clear requirements  for the administration, logistics and safety of the new semester .

On concluding, the participants had a thorough discussion and careful analysis on the relevant issues involved in the grass-roots investigations under the research group of the department.

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