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Serve the Country by Scientific Research for Over 100 Years

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Serve the Country by Scientific Research for Over 100 Years

-Visit to the University Party History Museum

On the morning of October 14th, the postgraduate party branch of the Institute of Zoonoses organized all party members to visit the university history museum. Under the guidance of teacher Liu Heyan, all the comrades get to know more story of the college.

  Looking back on the history, the College of Veterinary Medicine began in 1904 as the Horse Medical School officially established by the Qing government in Baoding, Hebei Province. It went through the Army Horse Medical School, the Army Veterinary School, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Southwest Military Region Veterinary School, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Second Veterinary School, Chinese People’s Liberation Army Veterinary University, Chinese People’s Liberation Army Agriculture and Animal Husbandry University, Chinese People’s Liberation Army Quartermaster University, etc. In 2004, it was transferred to Jilin University. The former Department of Military Veterinary Medicine was transformed into College of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine. In 2012, it was renamed as College of Veterinary Medicine of Jilin University. After 115 years, it has cultivated hundreds of generals, thousands of famous experts and professors, and tens of thousands of outstanding professional and technical personnel. The brilliant achievements are eye-catching. At the same time, all the graduate students should learn their spirit of defying difficulties and hardworking. Their outstanding contributions to the development of China’s animal husbandry and veterinary industry and to the modernization of our army's logistics are excellent examples for everyone on the road of scientific research. Their meticulous scientific research attitude also inspires everyone and makes everyone forge ahead.

  Through this visit to the university history museum, the ideological and moral education of graduate students has been further strengthened, and history has been linked with scientific research and patriotism. Everyone has a deeper understanding of the connotation of "serving the people". This visit encourages graduate students' enthusiasm for scientific research, and plays a positive role in completing scientific research tasks.

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