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Jilin University Veterinary Medicine Delegation Participated in the 15th International Trichinellosis Conference

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Jilin University Veterinary Medicine Delegation Participated in the 15th International Trichinellosis Conference

On August 26-30, 2019, the 15th International Conference on Trichinellosis, hosted by the International Commission on Trichinellosis (ICT), organized by the Romanian University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine wan successfully held in Cluj Napoca, Romania. 13 teachers and students on behalf of Jilin University including Professor Liu Mingyuan, Liu Xiaolei, Wang Xuelin, Bai Xue, Yang Yong, Wang Yang, Li Tingting, Xu Ning and Wang Nan were invited to participate in the conference. The conference which is held every 4 years is the most important international conference in the field of Trichinellosis. Professor William C. Campbell, who won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2015, served as the chairman of ICT. This meeting also marks the 60th anniversary of the International Trichinosis Conference. More than 200 scholars and experts from more than 30 countries participated in the conference. Among them, 30 people were from China. The theme of this conference is Development Trend of Trichinellosis Prevention and Control. The academic exchange lasts for 5 days. Professor Liu Mingyuan served as the chairman of the sub-committee and gave a special report to the conference. Teachers and students of our delegation gave 7 sub-venue reports and 5 poster presentations respectively, showing the world the achievements of Jilin University on trichinellosis research.

The purpose of this conference is to discuss the latest development trend of trichinellosis diagnosis, prevention and control technology and the development of trichinella application fields. Authoritative experts on trichinellosis research such as Pozio and Gamble are invited to give special reports to the conference. More than 80 experts and scholars made session reports respectively on the detection and diagnosis of trichinellosis, trichinella evolution and biodiversity, trichinella infection and host immune regulation, trichinella used in the treatment of immune diseases, new anti- trichinellosis vaccines, and epidemics of trichinellosis infections. There have been extensive academic exchanges on the frontiers of science and other disciplines. This conference fully demonstrated the new progress, new achievements and development trend of trichinellosis research in recent years, and provided a good academic exchange platform for trichinellosis scientific researchers.

The conference elected Dr. Liu Xiaolei as the new ICT executive committee member for his achievements in the research field of trichinellosis in recent years (term of office: 2019.08-2023.07). He therefore became the youngest executive committee member ever of ICT. The food-borne trichinella research team of Jilin University has now ranked among the top in the world and has been widely recognized by academia at home and abroad.

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